Tagliatrice completamente automatica del computer/tagliatrice dell'indumento/tagliatrice panno di muti-strato

Luogo di origine Jiangsu, Cina
Certificazione CE
Quantità di ordine minimo 1 set
Imballaggi particolari Caso di legno
Tempi di consegna 40 giorni
Termini di pagamento TT50% IN ANTICIPO, 50% PRIMA DELLA SPEDIZIONE
Capacità di alimentazione 15 insiemi /month

knife cutting machine


leather cutting machine

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Descrizione di prodotto

1.This machine adopts the computer control system, the touchscreen display screen, the operation is simple, quick and accurate.


2.Double oil cylinder, four-column automatic balance connecting rod structure, ensure that each cutting position is the same.


3.It can automatically control the feeding device with single side or double side, which can increase the production efficiency of the whole machine by two to three times.


4.When the cutting plate is under pressure, the cutting is automatic, so that the upper and lower parts of the cutting board have no size error.


5.Special setting structure, with cutting knife and cutting height, make the adjustment simple and accurate.


6.The automatic lubrication system ensures the precision of the machine and the machine durability.


Second, the purpose
Suitable for forming die cutter cutting all kinds of mouse pad, uppers, soles, leather, plastic, cloth, leather bags, toys, hats, spongy floss pieces, floor materials, soft film and various needs with knife mold cutting out.